About Company

It’s been a long time since the idea of the company involved in video production was conceived. It started in Azerbaijan, one of the post-Soviet republics on the Caucasus.
Two best friends Radeli Vishnevski (USA) and Mir Azad Aliyev (Azerbaijan) started their career in the AGF (Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation) years ago.  While fulfilling their primary duties as a Media Manager (Radeli) and Marketing and Sales manager (Mir Azad) their close cooperation apart from friendship turned into a milestone for their career growth.  In 2018 they came to the point when the joining years of experience and acquired skills could turn into a successful venture – setup of an own video production company.
Decision did not wait long for its accomplishment and the Limited Liability Company “17” was born on the bases of the already existing 14-year old US “Tielc” Ltd Co- owned by Mikhael Meladze. Joining the team Mikhael became the Concept / Script / Storyboard supervisor in the company.
Soon after, being an artist and 3D graphics designer Jacklyn Kirvalidze joind the company having won the World Artistic Gymnastics Championship mascot contest in 2017. Right after the contest the Gur-Gur became a favorite of  the Azerbaijani public, and its image was revived by American professionals Scott Hasington and Barry Anderson.
The company specializes in the production of full featured video materials.
It aims to become one of the leading production companies on the market by creating documentaries and feature films along with videos of internal marketing, corporate communications, customer or client testimonials, brand awareness, sales meeting and quarterly review, product/service launch videos, technology and demonstration, product operation and user guide videos, training and educational videos, segmentation and channel videos, focus group or use case videos, futuristic trend videos, business to Business (B2B) videos, video News Releases (VNR), employee training videos, etc.
The company is young and prospective; Ambitions are not hollow as all of its team has substantial experience and expertise to make films for any budget. The project management is set to provide the full cycle video production services in a short period of time maintaining the highest quality of a professionally made video material.